sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Nicholas Sparks

Uma novidade quentinha:

Em Novembro a Editorial Presença irá lançar o mais recente livro de Nicholas Sparks "Safe Haven":

Love hurts. There is nothing as painful as heartbreak. But if you are to ever love again you must learn to trust again.
This is the story of Katie, who appears in a small American town where her sudden arrival raises questions about her past. Beautiful yet unassuming, Katie is determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships. Despite her reservations, Katie slowly begins to let down her guard, putting down roots in the close-knit community.
But even as Katie begins to fall in love, she struggles with the dark secret that still haunts her . . . Eventually, though, Katie must come to realize that she must choose between a life of transient safety and one of riskier rewards . . . and that in the darkest hour, love is the only true safe haven.

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